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wireless presentation system.

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What is wePresent?

wePresent is a professional wireless presentation system that allows up to 64 users to collaborate and take turns giving an interactive presentation from their Windows/Mac computer, smartphone or tablet.

wePresent wireless presentations systems

Wireless Presentation

No more searching for cables, tripping on wires or calling your IT department.
wePresent is a simple-to-use wireless presentation sharing solution.

How Does wePresent Connect?

wePresent connects to any display by HDMI or VGA and offers full 1080p resolution. When connected to a local network, wePresent allows presentations from network computers and supports passthrough internet connection.

wePresent wipg 1000
  • HDMI Output with Embedded Audio
  • VGA Output with 3.5mm Audio Port
  • Onboard Ethernet LAN Port
  • Built-In Wireless Access Point (WAP)
  • Dual Front USB Ports for Control
  • Rear IWB USB Touchscreen Port
  • Front Power Button with Auto-On Feature

We offer 3 models to choose from, the WiPG-1000, the WiPG-1500, or the WiPG-2000.

Is wePresent Cross Platform?

Windows. Macbooks. iOS. Android. Connect it all for presentation sharing.
With wePresent's smart technology, BYOD meets wireless projection.

wePresent connects all devices wirelessly

How Does wePresent Work?

Because wePresent works over Wi-Fi, it is incredibly fast and extremely reliable.
It easily integrates into any network, insuring your presentations are displayed at 30 frames per second and in full 1080P resolution.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi

  • Launch Software

  • Enter Code

  • Present

  • Maintain Internet

Starting An Interactive Presentation Is Simple

Once the wePresent WiPG is connected to your network, your users simply connect to the network as usual. If the wePresent wireless access point is enabled, then your guests can simply connect to wePresent's Wi-Fi signal.

wepresent wireless projection
wepresent iOS app
wirelessly present from iPhone
wePresent and iOS
wireless projection with iOS

Are You Ready For Easy Wireless Presentations?

The wePresent wireless presentation system is a digital endpoint, a hub for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The wePresent system bridges the BYOD gap between users and AV systems in conference rooms, meeting spaces, classrooms, lecture halls, and more.

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Who Uses wePresent?

wePresent is a great corporate technology solution to add wireless projection in conference rooms, and its interactive features make it a great classroom technology solution as well.

doctors loves wepresent


wepresent is perfect for government


Our Clients

We've worked with many serious brands in the industry, and wePresent is used by corporations across the globe.

A Few Of Our Clients
wepresent and Alexandria
wepresent and Ambit
wepresent and Intelligent Beauty
wepresent and Hydradyne
wepresent and Kimley
wepresent and Lennox
wepresent and Marriott
wepresent and Schindler
wepresent and Stanley
wepresent and Womack
wepresent customer

"My conference rooms are cleaner without cables. I love wePresent!"


Common Questions

Is It A Media Player?

wePresent is a wireless presentation device. Although not a wireless media player, wePresent can play good quality video for presentation purposes, projecting up to 30 frames per second.

Does wePresent Support Audio?

The HDMI port automatically transfers audio to the display. There is also a separate 3.5mm audio line-out which can connect the wePresent to a separate audio amplifier.

Can I use multiple wePresents?

You can assign different SSID names to each device and separate the Wi-Fi channels on each device. There is also a simple network utility to easily manage multiple wePresent devices on a single network.

Is it secure?

The Wi-Fi signal can be encrypted and wePresent supports the IEEE standard 64/128 bit WEP/WAP/WPA2-PSK network security. wePresent can also generate a random on-screen login code.

Upgrade your conference room or classroom with wePresent. With simple, out of the box plug-and-playinstallation, you'll be wirelessly presenting in minutes.

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