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The wePresent WiPG allows up to 64 students to walk into a classroom, connect to it wirelessly and present information from their device to the room display. What makes this innovative is that users don’t need to have a particular platform of device to do this. They can bring whatever they want. PC, Mac, iOS […]

Learning is an evolution in both what we learn and how we learn. This year, school districts and universities are looking for innovative solutions that combine education and technology. They are looking at ways to arm their teachers with the tools it takes to teach kids born into todays technology-driven world. Let’s call it an education […]

  Business network security is a big issue for mid-sized businesses. Every decision can be fateful, possibly fatal. This subject has become so important it has given birth to world wide industries and numerous new job titles. In response to this challenge, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) oversees the creation and monitoring […]

The classroom is ideally like a womb. A place of meticulous development. With all the old soft proof from a solid history of examples and practical testing within the realm of psychology, and even the new hard proof from indisputable sciences such as brain imaging, we know the truth of the adage that says, “The […]

The self-fulfilling prophecy of Moore’s Law has delivered the power of big computing and the earth-shrinking effect of telecommunication into the palms of our hands. Apple and Google’s Android are obviously the biggest players in this market. They compete with each other. Their competition polarizes the industry and creates solid differences between the two platforms. […]

One of the biggest groups that would benefit from wireless presentation systems in conference rooms or meeting rooms are those employees traveling for business. With the processing power and capabilities that have been built into tablets such as iPads, the Android Galaxy, and Microsoft’s Surface Pro, traveling business people have been able to forgo their […]

So, the latest acronym and buzzword to hit the corporate industry is BYOD and everybody is talking about it. Although this might sound like some legal nightmare where one of your employees came to work sloshed –it’s not. BYOD is better known as Bring Your Own Device (to work), and for better or worse it […]

One of the biggest topics right now in the corporate IT world is BYOD policies. We have even written our own blog post on the topic.The reason this is such a hot topic is because of the increased capabilities and choices of using tablets and iPads for work. This dynamic is a game-chnager for the […]

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