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Classroom Technology Solution

Recent developments in education, triggered by movements such as the SCALE-UP project, have forced schools to rethink the design of their classrooms and created a need for new and innovative classroom technology.
With its stability and ease of use, the wePresent wireless presentation system is the perfect solution for this type of environment.

wePresent works with any device

Active Learning Classrooms

More than 50 colleges and universities across the US have adopted the SCALE-UP or TEAL approach to implementing technology. These forward-thinking institutions are looking for classroom technology solutions that easily adapt to the BYOD culture and allow students to have better collaboration. This is just one of many reasons that wePresent should be in your classroom.

wepresent active learning classroom

    Why wePresent for your Smart Classroom?

  • allows wireless 1080p presentations
  • works with ANY device (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • creates a collaborative environment
  • adheres to strict security standards
  • doubles as a wireless access point
  • integrates with SMARTboards and touchscreens
  • eliminates the needs for additional equipment

Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL)

The TEAL project, initiated at MIT with physics professor John Belcher, is a classroom design that includes multiple projectors, video cameras, white boards, an instructor work station, group tables, and networked laptops and was developed to engage students and promote teamwork.
This “How To” guide from the University of Tennessee Knoxville shows how to setup and use a Smart Room at your school.

wePresent In The Classroom

The wePresent wireless presentation system is a true BYOD-enabled gateway.
Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, wePresent allows students to bring any device into the classroom
to collaborate, give a wireless presentation, or participate in the classroom discussions.

wePresent connects all devices wirelessly

Education Standards and Features

With an abundance of network settings, wePresent easily adapts to a school's rigorous security environment.
wePresent also offer an abundance of features that are perfect for education, like its conference control feature.

    What are wePresent's features?

  • Conference Control (allows moderator control)
  • Sidepad Control (control PC from mobile device)
  • Onscreen Annotation (with AirPad or touchscreen)
  • 802.11 Wireless
  • Enterprise-Level Encryption
  • Gatekeeper Access Settings
wepresent active learning classroom

Common Questions

Do You Offer School Discounts?

wePresent works with AV integrators and online resellers across the country such as CDWg, PC-Connection, Tiger Direct, and more and offers bulk discounts to schools.

How Can I Get A Demo?

Most of our online resellers and AV Integrators offer on-site demonstrations of the wePresent wireless presentation system, so you can see it work in your environment.

Can I use multiple wePresents?

wePresent was designed to be able to be deployed across companies or campuses and used in multiple classrooms, offices, and conference rooms at the same time.

Is it secure?

The WiFi signal can be encrypted and wePresent supports the IEEE standard 64/128 bit WEP/WAP/WPA2-PSK network security. wePresent can also generate a random on-screen login code.

Upgrade your classroom with wePresent. The wePresent product is simple to deploy and easy to maintain across your network. Call your reseller today.

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