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Let us tell you More about us.

The audio-visual industry has seen incredible innovation and growth over the past few years, yet the service to provide these solutions to end-users is lacking the same progression. Commercial end-users have received ineffective support, unrealistic pricing, and over-complicated solutions.

We set out to be different, to make some positive change, and help bridge the gap between corporate end-users and the commercial AV companies that provide their solutions. We want to simplify the AV & IT solutions for companies, and bring innovative solutions.

WP Technologies, Inc (US, Canada, Latin America)


WP Technologies' mission is to help corporations connect, create, and communicate their vision through innovative and cutting-edge IT & AV technology. WP Technologies, Inc is successful in deploying grass-roots strategies, marketing campaigns, and product development to bring new technologies to market. WP Technologies, Inc has a history in successfully selling and designing AV systems for corporations. We are very excited about bringing the WePresent WiPG-1000, the WiPG-1500, and the new WiPG-2000 to the North American market and bringing dealers online with us to sell this exciting and innovative new product by Awind.

P2M International (All European Markets)


P2M has been very successful introducing and selling audio-visual products in European markets. With expertise within the audiovisual communications market, both in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) segments, P2M strives to find the most suitable, committed distributors and end-users for the products and clients they represent. Their commitment to the success of the WePresent product line is without equal.

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