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Conference Room Solutions

The traditional conference room still holds an essential role in today’s corporate environment. Technology driven communication outside of meetings requires organizations to adapt these spaces to meet the communication styles of their employees and guests.

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Benefits of Conference Rooms

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, resources are limited and demands are high. Clear and efficient communication is key, especially in large meetings. Achieving better conference room meeting efficiency through technology is one way that modern organizations are evolving and succeeding.

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Technology Needs

The ability to quickly and easily connect users to present, interact and collaborate within the conference room is key. Since conference rooms often host both employees and guests, quick and flexible solutions are ideal to meet the demands of all conference room users.

Flexible Connection Solutions

wePresent offers a variety of connection styles to meet the needs of your conference room users. Many wePresent users choose to install the MirrorOp software or application on all company issued devices.

For companies that allow private mobile devices to be used, the free MirrorOp applications can be installed users may connect via Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.

For guest users, the USB guest access token is a quick and convenient way for users to quickly and easily present from their device without downloading or executing any software on their device. Have presentation content on a USB device? No problem, wePresent wireless presentation gateways can allow presentations to be plugged into the front of the unit and displayed to the entire conference room.

Maintain Control of Your Conferences

wePresent’s conference control features allows for a designated moderator to manage witch users are connected to the presentation environment and can present their content. For large meetings where multiple people are sharing information, this allows a single moderator to ensure the group stays on task and follows the agenda.

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Often presenter’s want to have speaking notes or other information available only to them. The extended desktop feature is the ideal solution.

Extended Desktop allows presenters to put their best face forward by allowing them to share content for display through their wePresent presentation gateway while viewing different content, like presentation notes, on their desktop.

Common Questions

Are wePresent Systems Secure?

wePresent's WiFi signal can be encrypted and wePresent supports the IEEE standard in network security including enterprise-level encryption. The wePresent device also comes with an on-screen random access code, requiring wireless presenters to be in the room.

Do Users Have to Download Software ?

For users who will present often, we recommend downloading and installing the client software. Users can also choose to run the presentation directly from the supplied USB token or use Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay.

How is wePresent Managed?

Single units can be managed via the IP administrator panel. For large scale deployments, we suggest using Collaborative ManagementSuite which allows remote monitoring, updates and diagnosis of all units on your network.

Collaborative ManagementSuite

An enterprise control system for large scale deployments.

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