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    Say goodbye to ugly cables.
    Say hello to wireless projection.

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wePresent wireless presentation gateway.
It's packed full of Features.

Features, features, and more features.

The wePresent wireless presentation gateway has an abundance of features that comes standard on all the models.
This means that wePresent works in any environment, including education, corporate, hospitality, and more


Wireless Presentation Gateway

No more searching for cables, tripping on wires or calling your IT department.
Simple and Wireless. How's that for a presentation!

wePresent connects all devices wirelessly

The wePresent WiPG-1500 wireless presentation system also offers On-Screen Annotation
and plug-and-play Touchscreen integration.

Basic Features

The WiPG-1000s, WiPG-1500s, and WiPG-2000 All Offer These Great Features

1080p Resolution

Let classroom and conference room users wirelessly project in resolutions up to full 1080p, without worrying about video resolution conflicts.


With its integrated VGA and HDMI output connections, the wePresent wireless presentation gateway will easily fit into every situation.

Wireless Access Point (WAP)

The wePresent wireless presentation system broadcasts its own wireless SSID to give you an additional secured wireless guest network.

Plug & Show USB

With the fast Plug-and-Show USB token, your guests can give a wireless presentation without installing any software on their computer.

Windows & Mac

BYOD ready, the wePresent fully supports both Windows and Mac platforms, with compatibility from Windows XP all the way up to Windows 8.1.

iOS & Android

Simply connect your device, open the App, and immediately start your presentation. You can even fully mirror your Android Galaxy device to the screen.

Multi-User Presentations

Up to 64 users can connect to the wePresent gateway, and its wireless screen sharing capability allows up to 4 devices onscreen at the same time.

Security Standards

The wePresent presentation gateway offers enterprise-level encryption, gatekeeper settings, and individualized control over the IP settings.

Additional Features

Both the WiPG-1000 and WiPG-1500 offer the ability to wirelessly present in full 1080P resolution. However, the WiPG-1500 does offer additional interactive features along with a more robust processor for enhanced performance power.
For those situations or meetings that require more interactivity from your presentation, the new WiPG-1500 is your solution.

WePresent client devices
WiPG-1500 Features

Touchscreen Support

Connect a touchscreen monitor or interactive whiteboard and control any projecting computer from the touchscreen. Wirelessly! The best part is that it's all plug-and-play without the need to load any specific drivers to the projecting PC.

On-Screen Annotation

The WiPG-1500 also offers on-screen annotation. Annotate on the screen right on top of your wireless presentation, using your touchscreen, the included AirPad, your wireless mouse, or any other USB HiD device.

Virtual Whiteboard or Blackboard

Project a virtual white (or black) board on the screen, allowing you to write, draw, and annotate using your touchscreen, the included AirPad or any other USB HID device. You do not even have to have a computer connected!

Sender For Galaxy App

Use the all new Sender for Galaxy app to wirelessly mirror the screen of your Android Galaxy device to your display. It works in both portrait mode and landscape. Whatever you see on your Galaxy tablet, you see on the screen.

Let's Sum It Up Full 1080p HD Wireless Presentation Gateway Packed With Features.

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Common Questions

Can I use a touchscreen with wePresent?

Yes, the wePresent WiPG-1500 was specially designed with plug-and-play USB touchscreen integration. Simply plug the USB from your touchscreen into wePresent, start projecting, and you can control your computer from the touchscreen, wirelessly.

How do I use Browserslides?

From the projecting source, click “enable BrowserSlides” in the wePresent drop-down menu. Users connect their device by WiFi to wePresent, input wePresent's IP address in their browser, click the BrowserSlides button, and then view slides of the presentation on their own device.

Can I use multiple wePresents?

Absolutely! wePresent was designed for the corporate environment. With its easy-of-use and affordability, companies can install wePresent devices throughout their facility in every meeting room, conference room, and boardroom.

Is wePresent secure?

wePresent's WiFi signal can be encrypted and wePresent supports the IEEE standard in network security including enterprise-level encryption. The wePresent WiPG device also comes with an on-screen random access code so that a wireless presenter must be in the room to present.

Upgrade your conference room or classroom with the best choice. The wePresent wireless presentation gateway has more features than the competition.

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