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The Higher Education BYOD Student Experience

BYOD has been wide-spread in higher education learning environments for so long it’s hard to imaging campus without student-owned laptops, tablets, smartphones and the like.

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Learning Approach Benefits

BYOD campuses provide an environment that allows students to interact with a variety of platforms, systems and device types. wePresent works to enrich the learning experience on BYOD campuses by creating a universal environment where students and teachers can present, interact and collaborate.

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Technology Needs

Ever evolving technologies such as mobile and online education, cloud and BYOD are forcing IT departments to redefine and retool how they support devices on their network and manage protocols for security.

A Secure Solution for BYOD Campuses

When devices of all types are accessing the same network, the need for a secure environment rises. wePresent interactive presentation and collaboration models offer features designed with security in mind.

Our wireless presentation gateways offer enterprise level data encryption, gatekeeper settings as well as individual control of IP settings to ensure you can effectively manage secure access on your network.

To ensure only the necessary users have access to a presentation display, a configurable 4-digit code is displayed on each device. Students cannot present to a screen without using this code. Once a student is connected, the instructor can designate themselves as the moderator for the meeting and decide which student’s information is displayed.

Integrate All Your Teaching Tools

A primary initiative in secondary education is the ability to allow students to learn how to effectively work in small groups and collaborate with individuals on projects. When sharing ideas and information, our wireless presentation getaways can be utilized to allow students to work together using their own devices.

With support for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, iOS and Android devices, wePresent allows all device types to quickly and easily connect to the wePresent presentation device in their area and start sharing their content with others in the group. Whether students prefer a native app or a software based solution, wePresent makes wireless presentations quick and easy for students and instructors alike.

Cross Platform

Common Questions

What's On Screen Annotation?

wePresent allows you to write, draw and annotate on screen using a wireless mouse or touch display.

What About Security?

wePresent offers enterprise level encryption, gatekeeper settings and IP configuration for each unit.

How Can I Get A Demo?

We invite you to join us for our weekly webinar to see wePresent in action.

wePresent Learning Environments

Universities around the globe have implemented wePresent into their learning environments.

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