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University Huddle Spaces

The demand for huddle spaces over traditional lecture halls has grown in the higher education market. Today’s university students are accustomed to technology driven interactions. By providing undergrads with wireless presentation tools, educators can encourage effective in-room collaboration between students.

university student huddle space benefits

Learning Approach Benefits

Huddle rooms offer intimate collaboration environments for students. Equipped with a presentation unit and a display, these rooms are often used by small groups working together in impromptu or previously scheduled times.

higher ed huddle space technology needs

Technology Needs

To capture the full ability of huddle rooms to improve the student experience, the technology implemented needs to allow users to connect easily, provide tools for collaboration, be fully manageable and easy to deploy.

Collaborative ManagementSuite

An enterprise control system solution for campus wide management.

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On Board Interaction & Collaboration Tools

Collaborative work is key to a student’s success in today’s workforce. wePresent helps encourage collaboration with easy to use features for sharing ideas in a technology based environment.

interactive whiteboard built in

Annotation & Whiteboard

Classmates working in university huddle rooms can leverage the on-board tools included with wePresent to work together. Users can share ideas by using On Screen Annotations or the Interactive Whiteboard feature by either plugging a mouse into the wePresent unit or by interacting with a connected touchscreen display.

multi user layout

Multi User Layout

When multiple students need to share content at the same time, wePresent units can support up to 4 simultaneous presenters.

In our Collaborative series of products, student’s content is displayed dynamically on the layout, optimizing the screen space of the attached display.

Common Questions

How is Multiple User's Content Displayed?

Depending on the model, when multiple users are connected the displayed content will show in a fixed quad screen mode or adjust dynamically for the best use of the display.

How do Students Connect to wePresent?

There’s a variety of connection styles to suit the needs of any campus. Users can connect via MirrorOp, Chromecast or AirPlay native apps, or plug and show USB tokens.

How Do I Use WebSlides?

Enable WebSlides from the control menu, then when students connect their own device by WiFi to wePresent, they can follow along with the shared content.

wePresent Learning Environments

Universities around the globe have implemented wePresent into their learning environments.

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