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University Lecture Hall Technology

While new teaching modalities have become popular in recent years, the traditional lecture format is a staple for many university’s student experience. Universities around the world rely on the well-established combination of lectures and tutorials for undergraduate students.

university student huddle space benefits

Learning Approach Benefits

Presentation technology solutions allow these large, traditional lectures to be transformed into interactive and engaging sessions. Technologies like wePresent work to adapt the traditional lecture environment into a more tech-focused experience.

higher ed huddle space technology needs

Technology Needs

By combining solutions to handle expanding enrollment and allowing content to be shared digitally from nearly any device type, wePresent presentation solutions provide sophisticated yet easy to use tools to improve the quality of traditional undergraduate courses.

Share Content with Students After Class

Note-taking is a critical component of formal university learning. Early adoption of technology has led many students to shy away from traditional hand-written notes and embrace digital note taking either with software or apps.

wePresent wireless presentation systems work to accommodate digital note taking by allowing students to view and save presentations and any annotations made in the overlay environment directly to their own device. These WebSlide images can then be imported into digital note taking environments, allowing the student to tailor their notes to the concepts they need to reinforce in future studying or may be important for exams and tests.

Include Spill Over Rooms with Ease

Growing enrollment in undergraduate programs combined with demanding student schedules, have led many universities and colleges to initiate the use of spillover or overflow rooms to accommodate more students in a single class.

The 1 to Many feature allows instructors to quickly and easily mirror the primary presentation to wePresent units in other rooms.

1 to Many Distribution for Spillover Rooms

Common Questions

How Do Students Connect?

There’s a variety of connection styles to suit the needs of any campus. Users can connect via MirrorOp, Chromecast or AirPlay native apps, or USB tokens.

What About Security?

wePresent offers enterprise level encryption, gatekeeper settings and unit IP configuration ensuring network administrators can effectively manage network access.

How Do I Use WebSlides?

Enable WebSlides from the control menu, then when students connect their own device by WiFi to wePresent, they can follow along with the teacher’s shared content.

wePresent Learning Environments

Universities around the globe have implemented wePresent into their learning environments.

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