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Flexible Meetings Spaces to Inspire Collaboration

Huddle rooms are small conference areas that are equipped with presentations technologies such as audio, video and a display. These rooms are used by groups who want to get together for impromptu, or previously scheduled, meetings to collaborate on projects.

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Benefits of Huddle Spaces

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of incorporating huddle rooms into an office environment. Huddle spaces allow impromptu meetings of smaller groups. When multiple huddle rooms are available in an office environment, the need to schedule meetings days or weeks in advance is eliminated. These “spur of the moment” meetings allow for more intimate interaction and collaboration between team member and encourages participants to remain engaged in the conversation.

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Technology Needs

Due to the impromptu nature of most meetings held in huddle spaces, these areas require easy and quick wireless presentation solutions that allow any team member to connect and present their content whether they’ve brought their laptop or mobile device. Since most corporate environments utilizing huddle rooms have multiple spaces available, centralized management is also a major requirement in successfully implementing and managing the technology within these spaces.

Simple Implementation

Huddle space technology should be as easy to implement as it is to utilize for team members.

Wireless Access Point

wePresent presentation gateways connect to the Local Area Network (LAN) and can act as a Wireless Access Point (WAP). This feature is especially helpful in environments looking to efficiently build a wireless network without the need for additional hardwire. Even supporting dual-band wireless access, wePresent covers all the bases.

Our wireless presentation systems can also be powered over Ethernet (PoE) to eliminate the need for an additional power cord. To ensure your network remains secure, wePresent offers enterprise level security with AES-128bit or SALSA20 data encryption, gatekeeper settings, and individualized control over IP settings.

Common Questions

How Can Users Connect & Present?

There’s a variety of connection styles to suit the needs of any corporate environment. Users can connect via MirrorOp, Chromecast or AirPlay native apps, or plug and show USB tokens.

How wePresent Systems Managed?

Manage individual units by entering the IP address into your browser or use wePresent's Collaborative ManagementSuite offers remote monitoring and maintenance for all devices within a network, an ideal large scale deployments.

Are Presentations HD Quality?

All wePresent presentation gateways display in 1080p full HD resolution. Many models automatically adjust to the resolution of the paired display.

Collaborative ManagementSuite

An enterprise control system for large scale deployments.

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