You want visuals? Download these wePresent infographics to see just how our wireless presentation system would work in your environment.


Using wePresent Is Easy

Using wePresent to give a wireless presentation to your clients is easy. In 5 simple steps you can be on your way to a huge promotion…

Make wePresent Part of Your Network

Follow these simple steps to make the wePresent WiPG-1500 and WiPG-1000 a part of your existing network…

Wireless Control Your Devices With wePresent

With wePresent's USB connections, you can use the WiPG-1500 to wirelessly control your connected devices while you wirelessly present to the screen…

Using wePresent in the Classroom

See how technology is changing the face of education, and how devices like the wePresent WiPG-1000 and WiPG-1500 are a perfect fit for technology in the classrooms.

Upgrade your conference room or classroom with wePresent. With simple, out of the box plug-and-play installation, you'll be wirelessly presenting in minutes.

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