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Wireless Freedom for Active Learning Environments

As an instructional approach focused on engaging students with the material they study, active learning stands in contrast to traditional modes of instruction where the student’s role is more passive.

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Learning Approach Benefits

wePresent’s wireless presentation gateways provide a higher quality student experience in active learning environments. Using campus provided or BYOD devices, students can interact within the presentation environment as they learn and inspire collaboratively.

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Technology Needs

These agile environments are less effective when cords are required to engage students. A wireless presentation solution allows for students to take an active role in the learning process and works to keep them engaged by leveraging tablets or laptops.

Keeping Students Focused

Active learning spaces often do not have a single focal point. When multiple wePresent presentation gateways are made available in, 1 to Many distribution can be used to capture the attention of the entire class.

1 to Many allows a single presenter can broadcast their presentation to the other devices. Students can share or present to the entire class or the teacher can redirect the conversation and provide reinforcement and follow up tasks for the concepts presented.

Allow Students to Share Simultaneously

For small group and team work, wePresent displays can be placed in each group’s area, allowing students to work together as they present information. Students can make On Screen Annotations or use the Whiteboard to share ideas. Motivating students to take ownership of their work by using technology drives home the principles behind the active learning environment approach.


Including students in the curriculum is easy with wePresent. Up to 4 connected users can present at the same time.

This allows students to share the findings or work completed for informal small groups or on group projects with the rest of their classmates.

Using technology to drive these presentations allows students a familiar and fun tool while encouraging participation and improving verbal and cooperative working skills.

Common Questions

How is Multiple User's Content Displayed?

Depending on the model, when multiple users are connected the displayed content will show in a fixed screen layout or adjust dynamically for the best use of the display.

How Many Devices Can I Simultaneously Present to?

1 to Many distribution allows one presentation unit to cast their content to several additional devices allowing you complete control of classrooms with multiple displays.

Are wePresent Wireless Presentations HD Quality?

All wePresent presentation gateways display in 1080p full HD resolution. Many models automatically adjust to the resolution of the paired display.

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