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The K-12 BYOD Student Experience

While managing a BYOD campus is not without its challenges, schools and districts understand the benefits of choosing not to adopt a single device for all students.

k-12 byod

Learning Approach Benefits

Interacting with a variety of platforms, systems and device types equips early learners with diverse technology skills that will propel their future success.

k-12 byod collaobration

Technology Needs

wePresent works to enrich the learning experience on BYOD campuses by creating a universal environment where students and teachers can present, interact and collaborate.

Trading Textbooks for Tablets

When cross platform devices enter the classroom, the ability to engage every student requires flexible solutions.

Using WebSlides, wePresent allows the teacher to share digital content to each student’s tablet, laptop or smartphone. To help highlight important information or show examples of concepts, use the built in On Screen Annotation and Whiteboard tools.

WebSlides can be saved to their device so each student has a copy or students can select which pieces of the concepts presented they save on their own device, ensuring they have the information necessary to revisit the ideas once class is over.

Integrate All Your Teaching Tools

SharePod pairs to any wePresent wireless presentation system to allow connection of HDMI source devices. Once SharePod is connected to the wePresent, plug in the HDMI device, press the button and begin presenting.

HDMI devices such as document cameras or microscopes allow instructors to augment their lessons with additional content not necessarily available in a digital format.

With a variety of HDMI adapters available on the market, nearly any device can be integrated into the wePresent presentation environment.


Common Questions

How do Students Connect?

There’s a variety of connection styles to suit the needs of any campus. Users can connect via MirrorOp, Chromecast or AirPlay native apps, or plug and show USB tokens.

What About Security?

wePresent offers enterprise level encryption, gatekeeper settings and unit IP configuration ensuring network administrators can effectively manage access to your network.

What's On Screen Annotations?

You an write, draw and annotate on screen using a wireless mouse or the connected touchscreen display. Annotations can be saved a USB drive or viewed by individual students using WebSlides.

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