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Flipped Classrooms to Inspire

Flipped classrooms allow a truly individualized learning experience for each student. By flipping the classroom, class time is dedicated to workshops, student inquiries about content, applying the knowledge learned and interacting with other in hands on activities.

flipped clssroom student progress

Learning Approach Benefits

This learning model allows students to move at their own pace, encourages students to be proactive in requesting support and allows teacher to work one-on-one with students to reinforce specific concepts instead of dividing their attention to the entire class.

flipped clssroom student collaboration

Technology Needs

When technology is integrated into a flipped classroom environment, the ability to support multiple devices, provide effective tools for group collaboration and engage students with each other, a crucial component to a student’s long term success.

Engage with On Screen Annotations

For students to remain fully engaged in workshop settings, note taking and whiteboard drawings are a must-have. On Screen Annotation takes these activities and integrates them on your classroom displays allowing for an interactive experience with the course material.

These interactive presentations can be sent to classmates’ devices via WebSlides or saved for later using a USB memory drive plugged into the wePresent unit.

Easy Connection with Native Apps

Chromebooks have become the standard for K-12 schools implementing universal devices while Apple devices continue to be a popular tablet option.

chromecast support

Chromecast Support

Share audio and video content from a Chromebook or Android device, using Google's native Chromecast protocol.

airplay full integration

AirPlay Support

Fully integrate audio/ video content from an iOS device, using Apple's native Airplay protocol.

Common Questions

How do On Screen Annotations Work?

Write, draw and annotate on screen using a wireless mouse or touch display. You can even save the entire screen to a USB drive.

How Do I Connect a Chromebook?

Students and teachers can use the native Chromecast functionality to connect to wePresent and share audio and video content on the classroom display.

How Many Users Can Use WebSlides?

Any user connected to the same network as you wePresent device can connect and follow along with the WebSlides feature.

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