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If you'd like to have better meetings with 1080p HD wireless technology, then we're a match made in heaven. Schedule a demo of wePresent, and we'll give you a front row seat to the future of better business presentations. No cables. No connections. Simple.

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We are pretty amped about the wePresent wireless presentation system, and we'd love the opportunity to show you how it works.

Give us a few minutes of your time, and we commit to showing you a wireless solution that will transform the way you use your conference rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms. Your presentations will thank you!

The Demo Process

  • Find a Date to Connect.
  • Fill Out The Form
  • Experience wePresent awesomeness first hand.

Yes. It Really Is That Easy. No calling IT. No looking for cables.

Common Questions

Do I have to download software?

wThe easiest and fastest connection for users who will present often, is to download the software to their device. Users can also choose to run the presentation directly from the supplied USB token through its auto-play function.

Does wePresent mirror my tablet or phone?

With the WiPG-1500 and the Sender for Galaxy, a full mirror of your Android Galaxy device is now available. For all Apple iOS devices, you can wirelessly project specific files or a web browser to the screen using the WiFi-Doc application.

What if I don't have administrator rights on my PC?

When you insert the USB-token from the wePresent, you will have the option to start the software directly from the USB token. This allows you to give a presentation without having to download and install software.

Is wePresent vulnerable to interference?

wePresent works with WiFi, and in very unique cases with unstable environments the wireless connection can be affected. The wePresent device can be manually fixed to any preferred IP address, bandwidth, channel, or SSID name for optimal performance.

Upgrade your conference room or classroom with wePresent. With simple, out of the box plug-and-play installation, you'll be wirelessly presenting in minutes.

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