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Technology Driven Training Rooms

Training rooms are essential to teaching your staff new skills and ensuring they receive the latest information available in your industry.

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Benefits of On Site Training Rooms

Incorporating on-site training rooms into your corporate space allows organizations to decrease costs related to training such as renting spaces, providing accommodations and travel for attendees as well as minimize the loss of valuable, “in office” time.

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Technology Needs

Training rooms must be designed to include a variety of media types as a part of a high quality, professional presentations. The solutions implemented must be easy to use for both instructor and training attendees.

WebSlides for Engaging Training Sessions

WebSlides allow training attendees to follow along with the presenter on their own device.


Ideal for large training rooms, WebSlides gives each individual a close-up view of the presentation as well as any annotations or whiteboard drawings made during the sessions.

Audience members can choose to save the WebSlides mirrored on their personal device for reference later to allow them the chance to review and reinforce key concepts.

WebSlides are a great solution to ensuring your audience remains engaged and focused on the content being shared. 

Common Questions

How Many Users Can Watch WebSlides?

When enabled, WebSlides can be viewed by any users connected to the same network as the wePresent device.

Can I Use Multiple Displays While Presenting?

1 to Many Distribution allows presentation content to be distributed to multiple displays.

How is wePresent Managed?

Single units can be managed via the IP administrator panel. For large scale deployments, we suggest using Collaborative ManagementSuite.

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